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Individual Personalisation

We love exploring our artistic and creative side.  There’s nothing more tactile than holding something you’ve created in your hands.

That’s why, in 2006, we set up Mugs & Gifts with the motto Personalise Your Life!  We’re happy to print your creative works onto a single mug or hundreds of coasters.  We love working with creative people.

In keeping with our philosophy of working closely with our clients, it’s our practice to send an email “sample” photo of your chosen mug prior to printing up your order (unless there’s no room for doubt about how you require your item printing).

For larger orders of the same item, we’ll send a first-off print to you for your approval prior to continuing with the rest of your order.  This way you will always be kept apprised of how your order will turn out.

Contact Mugs & Gifts

To place an order, visit the Mugs & Gifts website and use the website to upload your photo(s) and select your items.  To contact us, please use the Mugs & Gifts contact form here.