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Technical Drawings

We’ve been producing technical drawings for over 30 years.  Starting out with pencils, compasses, set-squares, rulers, micrometers, verniers, and anything else we had available at the time, we’d draw up component parts onto archival acetate by hand.

These days it’s all about computers, of course, and we’re well-versed in drawing packages such as AutoCAD LT and DraftSight.

We, at 1st4computing, are keen to assist you with your technical drawings.  Whether you require a complete drawing, or modifications to an existing drawing, we aim to work closely with you to produce the results that you want.

We don’t know everything.  We’re the first to admit that.  Technology is forever moving forwards, into the future.  Our skill is in learning what we need, teaching ourselves and you, to help you solve your problems.  You’re not going to be paying for a skillset that you’ll never use.  It’s just us, finding solutions to your problems, and guiding you into the future.

If, for instance, you prefer to use a different drawing package, it’s just a matter of providinig us with the software package you use, and we’ll work with you as closely as we can.

By staying in contact with us throughout the course of your project, undertaking each step in turn, seeing that we’re delivering precisely what you want, is to ensure that are always aware of how the resolution of your project developed.  When you need to change your project in the future you can, of course, return to us and we’ll continue to assist and help you.  But, by being kept in-the-loop throughout the creation of your project, you will be free to pursue other avenues such as working “in-house” or out-sourcing to an alternative contractor.

Click here for a sample of our pricing tiers, or contact us to assist with your projects, and be ready at the end of an email address to maintain discussion and dialogue.

Contact Us

Contact us with details of your project, or just an idea of what you wish to achieve, and we’ll reply within 1-2 working days with our initial response with how we think we’ll be able to assist/guide you.